Stipendium Stroom HCBK                                                                                         

Production Stipendium 2001/ 2005.

Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst Vormgeving en Bouwkunst Amsterdam                                         

Basic stipendium 1994
Basic stipendium 1996
Basic stipendium 2001
Basic stipendium 2006

Activities and Projects
1991               Artist Book - "One Moon Full" (31 Fragments) Xylography  - Bookprint -Edition Gallery Any Art -The Hague
1991               initiator  and Chairman Artist Initiative - Stichting Archief 
                     Archive Foundation) – The Hague - Holland
                     Organizing from 1991 till 1994 manifestations and projects of National and International 
                     Artists in the archive space of the former Rijks Archive of Foreign Affairs.
1992               Visiting Lecturing Royal Academy of Visual Arts The Hague – The Netherlands
1993               Visiting Lecturing (Wednesday Lectures) Academy Visual Arts & Design - Arnhem – the Netherlands
1993               Invitation by Anda Rottenberg orientation/ work visit
                     Centre of Contemporary Art Uzdadzje Castle & Zacheta gallery - Warschau - Poland
1994               Visiting Lecturing Academy of Visual Arts  Poznan - Poland
1996               Visiting Lecturing Workshop at Skoki -  Academy of Visual Arts.- Poznan -Poland
1996               Gastdocentschap Academy of Visual Arts - Oslo - Norwegen
1996               Visiting Lecturing  Art Institute - Arkansas State university - Jonesboro - U.S.A
1996               Visiting Lecturing Academy of Visual Arts - Mempis - U.S.A                  
1997               Visiting Lecturing -  work - BWA centre of contemporary art  - Lublin – Poland
1997               Layout & design  catalogue - het Filmblik – edition: Stichting Filmstad – The Hague - the Netherlands
2000                Lecture - performance - “Kino Heute” Stichting Quartair -  The Hague - the Netherlands
2000               Work stil in progress - Infrared photographic project “the Traveling Eye” (photographical journey
                     with self-build camera, film format 30cm.x30mtr. negative format 30x48cm.
2005               Workshop – Woodcut - with Ernesto Bonato/ Armando Sobral (Brasil) 
                   Vrije Akademie  The Hague – the Netherlands
2005               Workshop – Film – Robeco Rotterdam.        
2006               Initiator and organizer of Super- B film collective together with Willem Marijs, Henk Hubenet, Albert Wulfers 
                   Super-B is a sub-activity of Ruimtevaart Foundation – The Hague – The Netherlands 
2008                Workshop - Skoki  (public memories – private nostalgies) 
                      Academy of Visual Arts ARTDEPARTMENT UNIVERSITY Poznan -Poland
2011              curator  exhibition / film program   Lightsensitive (Lichtgevoelig) Ruimtevaart Foundation The Hague – The Netherlands 
stu  Studio   draw Drawing     screen Installation
sens  Film     roofcamera Photography sinai  Object
Barney de Krijger                     contact                                   text/work
Curriculum Vitae
              Barney de Krijger

              education Vrije Akademie 
              The Hague
              Lives and works   
              The Hague  The Netherlands

  1. Solo Exhbitions since 1993
    1995           Galeria Grodzka (BWA)           ‘Cause & Effect’IIII                      Lublin                 Polen
    1996           Arkansas State Universit         Split Reality’                           Jonesboro              USA
    1996           STROOM H.C.B.                ‘The Public Eye’ I                           Den Haag               Nederland
    1997           Staten Galerie                 ‘The Absence of Presence’                  Den Haag               Nederland
    1997           Galeria Stara (BWA)            ‘Chairing Time’                            Lublin                 Polen
    1997           Theater 'de Zeebelt'            ‘The Public Eye’ II.                      Den Haag               Nederland 
    1999           LUXUS                       "Art-Ticles"The Artist's Dumpshop             Den Haag               Nederland
    2000           Vrije Akademie                2D/3D(stereo photo install..E&F)            Den Haag               Nederland
    2002           Stichting Grunerie            drawings                                    Oegstgeest             Nederland
    2001           1th, international
                   Sculpture Workshop           ‘Camera Obscura’                             Wroclaw                Polen
    2002           Dekkerscontemporaryart          drawings                                  Den Haag               Nederland
    2003           Galerie Contempo                1+1= another 1                            Rotterdam              Nederland 
    2003           Theater Zeebelt           “Local Geographic”live film production          Den Haag               Nederland 
    2012           Verbeke Foundation              Fotocollages                              Kemzeke                België
    2011           Locus Solus                      File/Life                                Antwerpen              België      


  2. Group exhibitions since 1994 (selection)

    1994          Haags gemeente Museum            Stadscollectie                            Den Haag              Nederland
    1994          Stichting Phoenix             Manifestatie 'Neo Natuur'                    Den Haag              Nederland
    1994          Stedelijk Museum Schiedam       Afslag 16                                  Schiedam              Nederland
    1994          Turku Art Museum           Art Initiatives The Netherlands                 Turku                 Finland
    1995          Gallery 3H + K               Photography                                   Pori                  Finland
    1999          HET PAARD"               (manifestatie-Reconstructie)
                                          ("Artificial Waste Disposal) "DUMP"                     Den Haag              Nederland
    2001          HKK                   tekeningen- the energy of drawing                    Den Haag              Nederland
    2001          stichting Quartair          “Kino-Heute”  filmS8 /16mm                     Den Haag              Nederland 
    2002/2003     Stichting Outline           (the”Crystal World”)                           Amsterdam             Nederland 
    2004          Vrije Akademie               cultuurnacht                                  Den Haag              Nederland
                                               Film –Perfomance “NOGONO”          
    2004          stichting Quartair           My Backyard’                                  Den Haag             Nederland 
    2005          stichting Quartair           ‘Super B’ filmfestival                        Den Haag             Nederland                                  
    2006          stichting  Ruimtevaart       Ground One (observatorium)                    Den Haag             Nederland
    2007          stichting  Ruimtevaart       Ground Two (Drilling a Hole)                  Den Haag             Nederland
    2008          stichting  Ruimtevaart       Touching Gloves                               Den Haag             Nederland 
                                               (Super B /  re-event II)
    2008           Xray gallery                 7884 project                                 Lubon                Polen2009                          HKK                                             proofDRUK                                                  Den Haag                 Nederland
    2009          Gemak                        Altijd Bewegen                          Den Haag           Nederland
    2010           Laakkamer                    Easy Show                              Den Haag            Nederland
    2011           stichting  Ruimtevaart       Panoramaal (tekeningen)                 Den Haag        Nederland
    2011           Bio Oko cinema               Tina B Festival Curated by Aleš Vašícek  Praag  Tsjechië 2012           Korzo theater                The Lighthouse festival                 Den Haag             Nederland                                                                
    2012           Verbeke Foundation          Twelve Thousand Three Hundred Forty-Five      Kemzeke              België