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Xraygallery press release

XR, a non-profit association that began in 2007, is ready to present “8780h” on October 21st. After a year of work, invited artist will show the result of their practice, in a permanent exhibition.
The venue for the experimental exhibition is an early 20th-century German yeast factory in Lubon, Poznan, Poland. “Present,” the main theme of the project, is only the first step of a nomadic experience that will take the practice of “8780h” throughout Europe looking for places visibly marked by time. Independently run by a group of 4 young artists and curators, the project appears quite unique: over the year, the invited artists are asked to develop their works following their own rhythm and time, leaving a tangible trace in the architectural environment. The project has become one of the most original events focusing on contemporary art in Poland.

Invited for this first show are: Althamer Paweł, Bałka Mirosław, Blake John, De Krijger Barney, Hoover Nan (1931-2008), Haino Keiji / Gomi Kehei / Furudate Tetsuo, Jasielski Przemysław, Karkowski Zbigniew, Koniusz Daniel, Kozłowski Jarosław, Libera Zbigniew, Łodyga Marcin, Metwaly Jasmina, Naguib Ali Taha, Prusaczyk Paweł, Semah Joseph, Sevastyanova Yekaterina, Smoleński Konrad, Szymankiewicz Małgorzata, Umanets Vladimir.

Info: http://www.xraygallery.com/


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