My life as an artist stretches over a period of almost thirty-five years. On this website I present work from 1980 until the most recent works, which consist mainly of installations and site-specific works.   

The structure and context expose a labyrinth of layers.  

Ambiguity and diversity seem to reveal no coherent line, but appearances are deceptive.

After a certain period of time in which I switch among a specific series of interdisciplinary works, I start all over again to explore new challenges (‘after six month’s I got bored;’ Francis Picabia).

I am not interested in a method of making art or repeating myself and getting lost in a system.

The flow of external influences, art as experiment, cause and effect: I create my own play-ground in which the results are not rigidly determined in advance and so surprise myself.

In the later works the idiom of recycling, slow analogue media (cinematography, photography, stereo-photography) and their diverse processes form the main issue in drawings, objects and installations. They can be seen to be opposite the attitude nowadays that what was supposed to be new and innovative yesterday becomes nostalgia or rubbish tomorrow and can be simply thrown away.

Everything must be fast, fast and faster, new images have to make place for the next Hype-O-Crises.

I become slower and slower, steady going.

This reference frame of chains and links are reflecting and meandering as a biographical red thread through the context of the works.

When the real is no longer what it used to be, nostalgia assumes its full meaning. There is a proliferation of myths of origin and signs of reality; of second hand truth, objectivity and authenticity.
  Jean Baudrillard, Simulation




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