These photographs where made in a period in which besides my work as an artist Ihad a job as taxidriver. At a local bookshop I bought a bunch of cheap (looks the same as the nowaday expensive LOMO’s) plastic
 Four Lens camera’s. 
This camera I taped on the dashboard and registrated at ad-random the constantly chancing environment. 
By driving around I made in this period ± 500 snapshots of which  at least  ± 350 where useable.The camera has a rotating shutter, which made 4 images in succesion on a negative format of 24x36mm. 
From left under to the right side above. This gives the photographs a pseudo cinematic character and aphotography suggestion of movement, which is hardly noticeable. It was a given fact that the camera’s where untrustworthy 
and didn’t deliver perfect photographs, 
the luminous intensity of the lenses is weak, but despite this technical manco’s the results where of magnificent and by leaving over to coincidence unexpected raw images. The reproduction of the analogue photographs
 into digitalized and printed wallpaper (format ± 110x250cm.)   printed with non UV protected inkt, will be slowly disappearing under the influence of daylight  as a  metaphorical transformation of time, space and 
perception in a continuous changing urban landscape on the edge of the 20th to the 21st century.
Barney de Krijger                                                                                               'Urban Wallpaper' Made by Light - Fade by Light 2000 - 2001






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Urban Wallpaper

Made by Light - Fade by Light

 2000 - 2001